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Healthy alternatives to drinking cow's milk

Yes there can be alternatives to drinking cow’s milk. Some may be lactose intolerance while some may just dislike the taste of it but then again milk is extremely healthy and does have tons of nutritional properties. Whether you are planing on taking it plainly or are having it with some cereals or with chocolate, in the end you are consuming milk which is a good thing. And to add more to that if you do not have cow’s milk here are some close alternatives to drinking milk.
After cow’s milk, goat’s milk is very much in demand and liked by people. Some people have trouble in digesting cow’s milk, so these people can have goat’s milk. The reason goat’s milk is easy to digest is because it does not require homogenization as the fat globules are naturally emulsified. This means that they stay suspended in the milk and do not rise to the top like a cow’s or sheep’s milk rises. And is possibly one of the reason as to why people can easily digest goat’s milk than cow’s milk. Goat’s milk is said to have higher concentration of medium chain triglycerides than a cow’s milk.
Finding sheep’s milk could be a tough task but very few stores have them. But then it is a good alternative for cow’s milk. If you do not get sheep’s milk then soy milk is another good alternative which is easily available in the market. But did you know that soy is legume? This means that it has a higher protein level than any other plant based milk. This milk also affects the sex hormone production because of phyto-estrogens in soy. But then it also contains goitrogens which could affect the thyroid production. Also most of the soy beans are genetically modified. So it is recommended that you look for organic soy products.
Another alternative to cow’s milk is almond milk. It is light, sweet in taste and can be used in tons of dishes. This milk is also a good source of vitamin E and calcium. Plus it is low in calories. And it is recommended that you go for unsweetened ones. The most common of milk used all around the world is coconut milk. Coconut milk is low in fats and proteins but then it is light tasting. But then it adds a creamier taste to the food. And again opt for unsweetened ones. The reason for this is that the original coconut milk has loads of sugar than you can even imagine of.

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