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Better utilization of an ice cube tray

What is the use of an ice cube tray? Duh, to make ice! This is the common reply that you will get from anyone whom you will ask this question. But what if there could be other ways of using an ice cube tray? Of course besides making just ice! Scroll down and see for yourself.
Why buy ice Popsicle molds any more when you can use an ice cube tray and make some nice Popsicles at home. The ice cube tray will make some really cute and small ice Popsicles. All you have to do is fill up the ice tray sections with juice or squashes and just add a straw or stick. Let it set in the freezer and there pop goes your Popsicle. These Popsicles will be loved by kids, try them out.
Ever thought of making Sushi in an ice cube tray? No? Try this way. All you have to do is let your sushi mixture sit in the ice cube tray and you are good to go. It is one of the easiest way of making sushi. Also if you have tons of stock already at home and do not know what to do of it anymore, then pour it in the ice cube tray and let it freeze for a while. It will taste better and way better than the stock you might have ever tasted in any shop.
If you can make Popsicle, then why not try some jelly shots as well? Who does not like jelly shots? This is one thing that your kids will love right after they are done eating their ice cube tray made Popsicle. This idea can do you work way easy when you are throwing a party. Just mix the jelly in some boiling water and alcohol if you want and pour the mixture in the ice cube tray section and set it to freeze. You can also try pouring in some melted chocolate in those ice cube trays and enjoy your sweet tooth.
And if you are throwing a party you might want to try this trick. Fill the ice cube tray with water and add some plastic spiders or insects in it. And let it freeze. Once the mixture is well set, put them into peoples drinks. Now wouldn’t that be a great Halloween party?

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