Vest and women

The vest used to be limited to three-piece suits and warm outdoor apparel until yesterday. Everything from T-shirts to frilly dressed by  women today, however, have truly made the vest their own, wearing it with. Women’s vests are versatile and having different varieties in colours and styles and universally flattering, so it makes sense to incorporate one into your wardrobe. These tips will help you pair vests with the women’s clothing you already have and look stylish and sophisticated.
It’s the perfect finishing touch to any ensemble, and it has staying power: It can be layered over a knit sweater for work or top off a tank and shorts to last throughout the summer.
Pair your favorite jeans with a simple T-shirt and a cropped, fitted women’s vest. Any color looks great with a black vest a white T-shirt lends a classic look. If you have a dark chocolaty  vest or one with pinstripes or a different pattern, pick a complementary shirt.  Light yellow and white look awesome mixed together as well.
Fashion experts points out that vests are very versatile and can be worn over a spaghetti strap dress or strapless evening gown. Make sure that the vest fits you snugly so that you can show off your curves to look gorgeous and sexy .
If you’re looking for a warm, stylish way to ward off cooler weather, layer a thick sweater vest or faux-fur trimmed vest over a long-sleeved henley or T-shirt. Be sure to wear fitted jeans or pants, especially if the vest is puffy or oversized, so that you don’t look bigger than you are.Vest can add beauty in your attire and make you look confident and at the same time comfortable .

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