Pan suiting for women

The invitation inviting you to a formal event will usually indicate the dress code for the event. When an invitation stipulates “formal dress,” this tells you that men should wear a tuxedo or a dark shades suit and women should generally choose a cocktail-length or floor length gown. Instead of a gown, select a conservative, high-quality pantsuit that exudes a formal style suitable for the event. Although tradition dictates a gown, a woman can wear a pantsuit provided it is fashionable
Plus size formal pants suits offer the best of two worlds: elegance and comfort. Luxurious fabrics like chiffon, satin and silk add extra polish and personality, while pants offer carefree comfort and elongate the look of the legs. Shopping for elegant plus size pant sets is one of the joys of attending a special event.
When it comes to a women pant suit let the purpose and occasion help determine your budget. If you’re buying the suit because you want to add some trendy spice to your wardrobe, with a suit similar to stylish branded cloths which can easily spotted  , beware of over-investing and consider buying less expensive womens pant suits, since you may not get too many wears out of it. If you’re “Miss rich” and have no budget limitations, perhaps you can disregard this advice continue shopping for latest and trendy .
choose your jewellery carefully and logic. To play with the notion dressing for women, you’ve got to be careful about your accessories. You have two options: wear one statement-making piece that packs bling like a necklace, cocktail ring or pair of drop earrings; or go delicate all the way. A thin, delicate long gold chain or a pair of diamond studs paired with thin bangles will give you the feminine look you’re going for.
The more simple your suit, the more versatile it will be. A fully lined, single-breasted jacket with two or three buttons is ideal, while pairing it with straight trousers is your best bet for a timeless look. You’ll want to avoid fancy buttons or trim, or a cut that is extremely trendy as it will quickly become outdated.

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