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Jewish Festival of Lights

The Jewish festival of lights, Hanukkah is the best time of the year for a family get-together. It is this time of the year that you can create warm memories that can last a lifetime.
Hanukkah falls in the late November or December. It lasts for eight days and nights. During this time of the year, people gather and remember their ancestors reclaiming the holy temple from the Syrian- Greeks and then rededicated it to God.
Here are some really fun ways you can actually celebrate this festival of lights with your little one. Don’t worry; we have a 50- 50 quote for traditional as well as modern ways of celebrating Hanukkah.
What can be better than playing a Dreidel game on Hanukkah? All you need is a dreidel and some gelt. A dreidel is a four-sided spinning top with a Hebrew letter on each side, while gelt usually refers to chocolate coins wrapped in either gold or silver foil. It is this one game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, right from children to grandparents. Kids just love the excitement of the spinning of the top and who will win the chocolate coins. Also you can try playing the dreidel spin off game. For playing this game, each person usually has their own dreidel and then they compete against each other to see whose dreidel spins the longest. Also you can play this game in teams. People pair up and spin their dreidels. Keep on playing until you have two spinners left. Then let these two spinners compete against each other. With the person whose dreidel spins the longest get declared as the dreidel-spinning champion.
The age old Hanukkah story is that of the miraculous oil. The Hanukkah oil was said to last for eight days when it should have lasted for only one day. Therefore, fried foods have become one of the traditional fares on Hanukkah with latkes which are nothing but potato pancakes and sufganiyot which are donuts. These two dishes are the most common dishes you will find in a jewsish house on Hanukkah day. While making Hanukkah dishes involve your child in the cooking process. This will create not only give you some quality time with your little ones but also they will feel special as they will be involved in the cooking.
The best time to spend any holiday is to read books. You can have a book night at your place. Always choose colourful books with pictures and lovely texts. It will generate some special experience for your family. You could serve some hot chocolate and marshmallows when the reading starts.

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