5 Excellent Tips For Online Safety

It is important to take care and observe some safety rules while being online. The online platform is very beneficial but it has its drawbacks too. Sometimes, the online platform can pose danger to an individual. Children should take special care to be safe online. Parents should ensure the safety of their children by placing the computer in open space of the house so that they can see and monitor the child’s activities. Parents should know whom their children are connecting to online. Monitor the child when he or she is using the chat. Children should share their email address and password with parents. Do not allow the child to have any email account that they use without parent’s knowledge. Some other tips for online safety are as follows.
Protect Personal Information    
Children should avoid giving any personal information online. If you have to share such information, do it after consulting your parents. Do not share sensitive information like home address and telephone number. Avoid telling anyone about school name and your name. Even if someone asks you about you, you should not tell anything about yourself. If you have to put screen name on any site, avoid including last name in it. Do not put birth date anywhere online. Put nicknames instead or real names online.
Keep the Password Secret
Do not tell your password to anyone. Children should tell the password to only parents. After using the computer in a public place, ensure that you logout from all sites that you have visited. If you do not do this, any person can access your account after you leave the public computer.
Online Safety
Do not put photos online as it can be very dangerous. Avoid putting your videos online. If you have to do it, consult your parents first and take their permission. Avoid meeting online friends without consulting your parents. Some people open fake accounts online and are not real ones that they show online. If you meet online friends in real life, it can be very dangerous. Things that are written online are not true.
Email Safety
Make separate email accounts for different purposes like work and social media. Do not give your email address to unknown people and avoid responding to strangers. If someone sends you insulting messages, ignore them and do not respond. Consult parents or teachers if this happens. Children should not open email attachments without consulting parents. Some attachments have viruses and can harm the computer. Do not open attachments that are from an unknown source or from strangers. Avoid downloading software from the internet.
Social Media Safety
Go to the settings menu in social media sites. Change the settings so that only friends can access you and see your posts. Ask your friends and family members to change the privacy settings. Sometimes, the information that you post online can be accessed by your friend’s pages even if you have the settings as private or locked. Connect with your friends by sending private messages on facebook. Delete old unwanted messages. Remove friends from your friend list who have posted bad or improper comments. Accept friend request of only those people who are known to you in real life. Chat personally with your friends and write mails from email account.

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