How to view only "Watch Instantly" movies on Netflix?

Netflix is one of the most popular online movies watching channel. It is used by everyone these days but people find it little difficult to understand and use the site. So here are some instructions to make your job easy and help you in happily watching the movie. Please note that these instructions may not work if the site undergoes certain changes and developments in its structure and buttons. I hope this will be helpful for you people.
1.      Log into your Netflix account
 2.      Locating the list of movies available for “Watch Instantly”

  • Click on the top left tab that says “Browse” if not already selected.
  • Locate the tab below there that says “Genres”.
  • Select the Genre of movies that you want to see.
  • Once you select one a new screen will open and you’ll see directly above the first title, the option to see “Show streaming titles only”
  • Select that box and now you’ll only see “Watch Instantly” titles for that Genre.
  • Go through all the sub genres and find a title that interests you.
  • Read the ratings and reviews (though not always correct)

3.      Connecting your computer to your T.V
This is pending that your TV allows this action. Older TV’s may need an adapter. Newer TV’s should have most of these inputs*

  • Locate either your S-video output or HDMI output on your computer.
  • Locate the corresponding input on your TV or adapter.
  • Plug the corresponding wire into the correct plugs.

Some computers have an option to switch your screen to an optional screen (Fn + F4, Fn+F5);Fn(function)= the Fn button near the left Ctrl key

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