How to Screen Movies for Kids?

Movies influence minds of every human being. It has a great impact on people thinking and behaviour and especially when it comes to kids it can have a larger impact. Kids may perceive the movies as it is and may not understand the meaning and reasoning of the file. So it is extremely important for the people to make the screening of movies of kids be selective and properly planned. Here are some of the guidelines for the same.

  1. Start noting the things while watching the movie and note down good and bad things in the movie. This should be done while watching the movie alone.
  2. Note how many foul or abusive words are said in the movie. Movies with a ‘G’ rating should have zero bad words. Keep track so that when you write up your screening, you can give an exact number. Also, find out scenes that contain violence, nudity, drug use and other potentially upsetting material. Write down about how much time in the movie is spent with these scenes.
  3. Write down any frightening or powerful portions of the movie and when they occur. Assign the movie a number from 1-10, which is a better indication of violence than a standard MPAA rating. A movie rated as 1 should be suitable for all audiences, while a 10 would be for very mature spectators only.
  4. Agree on an age range that would be suitable for the movie you are watching. You can do this by taking into explanation all of the movie factors that you noted above; whether there was troubling, viciousness or frightening situations. The more of these scenes in the movie there are, the older the age range should be.
  5. Write up a screening report that you can submit to kids screening websites, post on a blog or social networking site, or just use for your own future reference for your children. See resources for other sites that screen children’s movies and accept screening reports.

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