How to Use Tomatoes in Prostate Cancer Prevention?

Eat tomatoes regularly to prevent prostate cancer. It has been shown that tomatoes are linked to prostate cancer prevention. While the finite relationship between tomatoes and prostate cancer prevention is not completely established, studies do show that consuming a large amount of tomatoes can reduce ones risk for prostate cancer. Here are ways to use tomatoes in prostate cancer prevention.
1. Aim to consume at least 10 servings of tomatoes weekly
You will benefit from tomatoes if you consume them even twice a week but the best benefits are seen in those that eat them at least 10 times per week.
2. Try to consume foods that come from tomato paste such as spaghetti sauce, tomato soup, ketchup and tomato soup
Lycopene is a plant chemical which occurs naturally in tomatoes and other red and pink fruits, and it has been shown to help protect the body from prostate cancer. When tomatoes are heated, as they are for the foods listed above, lycopene changes and becomes easier for the body to absorb. You’ll experience more benefits from these tomato paste-like foods than raw tomatoes.
3. Consume a small bit of fat with the tomato foods
Lycopene is better absorbed by the body when it is consumed with a tiny amount of fat. Add some olive oil to your pizza or pasta before covering it with spaghetti or marinara sauce.
4. Use ketchup as a condiment whenever you can
Add ketchup to your morning eggs or your lunchtime sandwich. Find simple ways to incorporate it into your daily meals.
5. Order pastas and pizzas with extra sauce
The extra lycopene you’ll get from the added marinara sauce will help get you up to 10 servings per week.
6. Have a side of tomato soup with your lunchtime sandwich or salad
Eating raw tomatoes might not feel good to your taste buds. Hence, having it in some form like a soup or like a salad between the sandwiches might help you gain taste as well nutrition.
7. Cook chicken or fish with tomato sauce or paste
You can concoct yummy sauces using these bases.

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