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How to Use Medical Ice Treatments on Sore Back Muscles?

Back pain can be extremely painful and disruptive to daily life. Immediate treatment with ice is recommended by doctors because it numbs the area, reduces inflammation and lessens the damage to surrounding tissues. Ice can be used to treat a new injury or a chronic injury after a prolonged workout. There are a few methods of ice application, which should be chosen based on your resources. You can apply a store-bought or homemade ice pack, or you can seek an ice massage. Learn how to apply ice to relieve back pain.

  1. Rest your back in a comfortable position. You run the risk of damaging your back muscles if you continue to be physical. Lying on your side or back will align your spine in a comfortable position. You may want to lie on a firm surface like a floor with carpet.
  2. Place a couple of pillows under your knees, or between your knees if you are lying on your side, to give your back as much relief as possible.
  3. Use several methods for icing your back. Commercial cold packs can be used by twisting the bag until it is cold to the touch. An ice pack can be made by putting ice in a plastic bag and adding a minimal amount of water. You can also pour water on a towel and freeze it in a plastic bag. Make a homemade slush pack by freezing water and alcohol in a plastic bag. A bag of frozen vegetables is just as effective for an immediate solution as is freezing a paper cup 3/4 full of water.
  4. Place a damp towel or cloth between the sore area and the ice. This will prevent your skin from developing frostbite.
  5. Ice the sore area three times daily for the first 3 days. The target time is 10 minutes every hour on the first day. On the second and third days, you should use the ice once in the morning, afternoon and evening before bedtime.

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