How to Tell a Fake from Real True Religion?

Research the history of the religion in which you are interested. Use the trusted source to seek as much knowledge as possible. If the religion was created recently, consider the context of its creation and the possible intentions of its founders, personality of a founder. If it seems cult-like or capitalistic in nature, this is likely to be popular culture without theoretical base.
Research the internal structure and hierarchy of the religion. If it has a very complex set of symbols or a hierarchy of roles and offices, it might be or might not be logical.
Try to understand why current followers adhere to the religion and want to be in the religion; this might be valuable insight into how authentic the religion itself is.
Attend a religious function. If the religious service is primarily coercive and seems established merely to extort money or strange actions from its followers, be concerned. Many of the world’s cults and false religions have a brainwashing effect on their followers- beware of this possibility.
Research on the guidelines for religious legitimacy in the country or state of its origin.Around the globeThe political recognition of religion differs greatly. Nevertheless, if a religion is recognized by a state, it is not a fake religion. This does not mean that a religion is fake if it is not recognized by a state or organised statutory body; many states aim to keep religion and politics as separate as possible, to ensure freedom of belief and peaceful coexistence.

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