How to make Father’s day really memorable for your dad

How to make Father’s day really memorable for your dad
A good father always occupies a special place in the heart and the life of his children. To celebrate all that fathers do for their kids and their family, we celebrate Father’s day. Father’s day has been celebrated across the globe for over a century, albeit on different days in the year. In the UK and North America, the appointed day is the third Sunday in June. There is a lot that you can do to make your father feel special and appreciated on this day, through small yet meaningful gestures. From letting him sleep-in that morning to no badgering him to get somewhere, you can make his day in many ways.

  • You could begin by arranging breakfast-in-bed for him, or making him a nice cup of coffee, along with the newspaper.
  • Sharing the day with family and friends makes it a lot more enjoyable. Use it as an excuse to bring everyone together for a great, fun-filled day when everyone’s dad and not just yours can enjoy himself. You could arrange a party at home; visit the beach or the park, or a spot that your dad really likes. Celebrate with activities that engage everyone – picnics, barbeques, sporting events, fishing, golfing are some of the things you could give a shot.
  • Avoid giving your dad something you picked up from a store. You don’t need to give him something expensive, and you should not be giving him anything typical like a pair of socks. Put some thought and effort into coming up with a creative, personalized tribute and he is sure to appreciate it a lot. Ideas include making him dinner or a cake, drawing/ painting his portrait, writing a song or poem and performing it, and giving him a gift basket full of things you’ve made yourself.
  • Another great thing to do is create an album, slideshow or presentation of old photographs of you with your dad. You can celebrate these memorable experiences and remind your dad just how much he means to you and the others who love him.
  • You need to understand that being a dad is not easy at all. Not only does he have to look after the financial as well as emotional well-being of everyone, there are so many little things he does that go easily unnoticed. Appreciate him in a thoughtful speech, letter or card, expressing your love and admiration. A dinner toast, when the whole family is present, makes such an expression even more meaningful and memorable.
  • The most important thing to do on this day is to be there for your dad and give him your full attention. You do not need material things to make your father happy. Telling him that you love him, that you are proud of everything he does for you and your family, and reassuring him that you always have his back, is the best thing you can do. What every father wants is to be loved by his children, and for his kids to have a successful and happy life.

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