How to Deal With Religious Discrimination?

Religious discrimination is unfortunately a problem in many cultures, and America is no exception to this insidious rule. Whether in the workplace or on the street, discrimination has simply taken on a more secretive and less obvious position in our culture. However, you can follow these steps below to identify and deal with religious discrimination so you can exercise your right to practice religious rituals and beliefs.

  1. Become well acquainted with the basics of discrimination on the job and in the general public. Refer to the constitution or Equal Opportunity Employment Rights for more in depth descriptions of discrimination and the law.
  2. Assess whether you feel you have been wronged due to your or another person’s religious affiliation. Write an objective account of the event(s) in question so that you can present this information to a human resources representative, attorney or coalition for review.
  3. Pay special attention to whether religious holidays and celebrations are observed as under EEOC laws at a workplace these holidays (if recognized as a valid religious holiday) must be observed, or at least flexible. Bring any discrepancies for accommodation up for review with a human resources department or EEOC official.
  4. Know that the federal government holds no jurisdiction over your religious practices, including the use of your property for religious purposes or access to public accommodations for recognition of religious services. Contact a constitutional attorney or district attorney for federal rights violations.
  5. Identify whether the discrimination is occurring in a school or educational setting. Public educational facilities do not have the right to discriminate in any way on the basis of religious belief. Write down all injustices and keep accurate records in case of a law suit.

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