How to Teach Gifted/Talented Students?

Many schools have programs for students who have learning disabilities, but neglect gifted and talented students. Remember that every student has talents in one or more areas. Simple modifications in your curriculum can help you reach and teach gifted students.

  1. Teach to a child’s strength. Begin your unit of study by focusing on what the student does best. If he is interested in math, start there. If she likes to build things, begin with a project that involves construction.
  2. Change your approach to the lesson. Go beyond the basic reading, writing and arithmetic lesson plan. The key is to provide differentiated instructions including modifying either: the context, content, classroom environment, or methodology (how you teach).
  3. Engage the student as if he was an active member of a profession. For example, don’t just read about archaeology, have the students to create an archaeological dig.
  4. Provide more open-ended questions for students to explore and encourage creativity. Let students work independently, in similar ability and interest groups, and with students of with different abilities.

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