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How to Express Yourself With Art by Drawing?

Abstract Free Form
Permitting the drawing instrument to just move and allowing it do things can let the artist’s intuition draw. Every now and then the artist may scribble quickly if she is angry or gently if she is in a dreamy mood. Get in touch with what the hand wants to do and let it. If the hand does not want to do anything, start by just guiding it along the page until something takes shape.
Life Issues
Creating a symbolic or real-life issues or problems on the montage helps the soul create those feelings. For e.g. bad relationships can be expressed with dark and black colors or a representation of the other person. Focus on the emotions of the issues you are dealing with and draw how they look to you. Expressing this pain can be very healing.
Future Dreams
Illustrate the future world you want for yourself. This type of art makes the artist think about her own dream and ambitions. Again, the sketching can be symbolic, like a dollar sign or heart, or it can be realistic, like a picture of a boat docked on a tropical island.
Create your own portrait, the artist does not necessarily need to draw a physical likeness of herself but can draw the qualities of her character. For example, a drawing of a woman taking shelter from a storm may be symbolic of the artist’s patience and ability to weather the storms of life.

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