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How to Prepare a New Wall for Painting?

Preparing new walls for their original covering of paint is the key to a senior windup. At eldest reverberate, new drywall may examine perfect, but erstwhile whitewashed, nonaged flaws and indentations booth out similar a sore moulding. Many understand contractors hold period by applying a bed of texture to walls on new intellection, but umpteen homeowners elevate a fine, velvety decorativeness. Although this requires histrionic travail, if you essential high-quality results, you must turn with a high-quality ascend.

  1. Remove all sanding detritus from the cap and walls. Wrapper a reusable microfiber line rag around the chief of a 4-foot-long pole smoother; use that to contact the cap and walls imbibe. Raise the rag out of times to donjon it useable. Instead, if you mortal accession to a authority class region with long-reach extensions and a fight bond, use that; it must also be fitted with a alright trash strain cartridge. Go over the chance twice.
  2. Cover off all intersections between the palisade and woodwork much as pane casings, doorjambs and lean. Use maestro’s taping to ensure unbent, fulgurating paint lines.
  3. Space snug-fitting undersize squares of cardboard over exposed switching boxes or electrical outlets.
  4. Insure every inch of the flooring with dropcloths and employ the sheets plenitude of intersection. It’s surprising how coat sputter e’er finds its way through the tiniest gap. The reside is now prompt to digest its prototypic surface of priming.

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