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How to Store Art Drawings?

If you have begun an affection of art and drawing chances are you have been storing up drawing after drawing and you just are not sure where to put them. If you have a desire to become organized or you just want to make sure your drawings are kept safe, this article is for you. There are numerous ways you can keep your drawings nice and neat and safe from decay. Here they are:

  1. Transform and old cereal container in to a file folder. You can fit numerous drawings into it and you can even group them in like categories. One cereal box could contain all your drawings of nature while another one could contain your drawings of animation characters. Just make sure you use the big cereal containers as the little ones probably will not work that well.
  2. Make or buy a portfolio folder. This type of folder can neatly hold your drawings together and even display them quick and easy. If you want to make one at home you can do it out of two pieces of cardboard, a strip of construction paper, glue, and a string. Glue the two cardboard pieces to the strip to make the folder and then punch and hole in the top middle pieces. Place your drawings inside and close up with the string by pulling it through the holes and tying them together.
  3. Use a scrapbook to keep your drawing safe. Scrapbooks have plastic covers for each page. This will protect your drawings from any spills or fingerprints when people are looking through them. The only downside to this method is if your drawings are bigger than the scrapbook because you don’t want to fold your drawings. It is perfect for medium and small size drawings, however.
  4. Buy and accordion folder from an office supply store. They are very cheap and they can hold many drawings. The drawings stay nice since you can slide a different drawing in to each slot. Then the drawings are cramped together and they don’t get wrinkled.

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