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How To Make a Drawing Tablet?

Drawing tablets is used as creativity journals for artists. Although manufactured tablets available in stores come in a different range of shapes, sizes, paper colors and paper types, a customized or handmade drawing tablet can hold greater meaning. Handmade drawing tablets can be a form art and can also fulfill certain drawing specifications unavailable in a manufactured format.

  1. Cut a piece of cardboard that is comparatively heavier than paper into two 8×11-inch rectangular sheets and set aside.
  2. Choose a paper based on the intended use of the tablet and the user. For e.g., construction paper in bright or glowing colors for young children; or a certain grade of paper such as fine or textured for use with a specific type of drawing equipmemt such as graphite or charcoal.
  3. Stack the selected paper to the desirable tablet thickness and set any remaining paper aside.
  4. Knock holes into one side of the paper from the stack using a three-hole punch. Punch holes the same distance into the two cardboard sheets.
  5. Re-stack the paper with the holes lining up and the two cardboard sheets at the top and bottom of the stack. For a loose tablet, use a single-hole punch on the top left or right corner only and re-stack.
  6. Thread the package string or ribbon (or pipe cleaner for a children’s tablet) through the hole(s) and tie off. Cut off any excess.
  7. Decorate the cardboard cover of your tablet with stickers or designs if desired.

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