How to Make Boutique Clothes?

  1. Gather scraps of material, ribbons, trim, patches, lace or other items you can use to embellish your clothing.
  2. Select a garment that you want to embellish or alter, such as a pair of jeans.
  3. Draw the garment on a piece of paper and play with different changes to the garment that you can make with the items that you have on hand. For example, you might want to add lace to the hems on your jeans, or sew trim to the edges of a jacket.
  4. Cut off any parts of your garment that need to be trimmed with scissors, such as sleeves, pant legs or a collar.
  5. Hem trimmed sections of the garment with a needle and thread or your sewing machine to prevent fraying. To hem, turn over the edge of the material twice and make at least a ¼-inch hem along any edges that you have cut.
  6. Add embellishments to the garment. Start by pinning the new element to the garment with straight pins. Stand back and look at the garment to be sure the embellishment has the effect that you desire. Change it as needed before you sew.
  7. Sew the embellishment to the garment. Be sure to sew from the backside of the garment with a double stitch to ensure that the embellishment will remain on the clothing during wear and washing. Knot the ends of your thread when done and cut off any excess embellishment or thread with scissors.

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