How to Make a Prayer Website?

Website design planning is the first step. Prayer comes before planning when designing a prayer web site. Ask technical experts to help you –they are after all the having more knowledge than you.
A websiteis a set of related web pages containing content such as text, images, video, audio, etc. A website is hosted on at least one web server, accessible via a network such as the Internet or a private local area network through an Internet address.
Form anexpert dedicated team to help in planning, during the blue print and action plan and with the evaluation of the completed website. Ask your team to define the purpose of the website in simple terms. Make a list of what you want the prayer website to accomplish. Profile your target devotees. Judge the purpose, the devoteesand the desired outcome of the final web site.
Plan a prayer website that has a main motive of interacting digitally by providing a place for devoteesrequests and recording their reply. A prayer website may also have information to educate visitors about prayer. A prayer web site could be a powerful social medium that builds a prayer community digitally.
Create five or six categories that coincide with the prayer site’s purpose, these categories will become the main menu buttons.
Create a site plan that would be easy to navigate. The key is to realize that everything has a place on a home page and every element needs to go in the right place.
Make a navigation plan. A homepage is like the foyer of your house. A visitor will decide if he wants to go further based on what he finds in the foyer. A web surfer will only give your homepage three seconds. Either she will stay and go further or click away. You want her to stay, so the home page must be enticing and easy to navigate. Make a navigation plan based on your main menu, which is based on your purpose. Draw a map of the homepage, including menus, content, and picture placement.
You can add links to You tube, Orkut, Facebook , intuitive components for leaving prayer requests and praise reports, forums and other elements, but without quality information, your website will fall flat. Information is king for any website, but especially a prayer site that needs content to educate browsers about methods of prayer, Scripture, Bible studies and prayer guides.

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