How to Coordinate a Prayer Group?

A prayer group needs people committed to praying together. A prayer group invites and encourages others to share their prayer needs and as a group, offers prayers of praise, petition and thanksgiving to God. It should be a safe place for people to share their concerns, joys and heartaches, knowing that many are praying on their behalf.
Here are some tips to run prayer group successfully.
Be committed to praying with group members. God responds to united hearts. When we show our willingness to pray in harmony and love, the Lord promises to be present.
Take advantage of any opportunity to pray with group members.Accept the invitations offered to pray with others. Ask group members to take part in your informal prayer. Listen to concerns or problems raised in conversation with group members. You don’t have to wait for the prayer group meeting to pray with someone or to pray for their needs. God loves to hear your prayers! Do it informally, simply and briefly on the spot. If the person is not a member of your prayer group, first ask their permission before sharing their problems with your group members.
Firmly suggest prayer when difficulties, challenges are faced.There is nothing too big or too small to bring to God’s attention. Anyone may call their prayer group or their church to prayer when a need is recognised. Breaking off the discussion in a board or business meeting for a season of prayer gives God opportunity to apply divine wisdom to the situation.
Give group membersa chance to pray.When praying in a group; leave some issues forgroup members to cover. Keep your prayers short and to the point. Long comprehensive prayers are better offered in private.
Use the names of other group members in your prayers it will strengthen the bonding .Make an effort to remember the names of each person in your prayer group. Mention their name as respected persons.
Remember one thing in every prayer which you are conducting try to give your group members a wise take away message in simplest in simplest form. Many people coming from common background they may face difficulties understanding the complex religious language which you preach.

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