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How To be a Good Cook?

Food is something we cannot live without. It is not a feasible option to eat outside from hotels et al everyday, given the expenses and also the possible threats to health. Thus we arrive at a point when we need to either cook or get someone to cook for us. Again, depending on someone else would mean that we are not independent plus they might not cook and prepare meals as per our palate. Thus we come to the point where we need to make sure that we can conjure up at least some basic food items.
There is no harm in accepting that you might not like to cook or that what you cook does not always meet your own standards, but that does not mean you give up cooking entirely. Gradually and with enough practice, you will get to the place where you will most definitely not be known for your poor cooking skills.
Have an idea of what you are going to cook and if needed, look up the recipe before you go grocery shopping. Make sure that you have all the ingredients close at hand and that you also have the necessary utensils and such other tools you might require during the process. Try to include healthy options and go for a simple recipe if you are a novice in the culinary art. Go through the recipe once again before you start cooking and make sure that you are ready. Chop up all the vegetables, grind the spices and wash the herbs and prep well before starting to light the gas and start cooking, this will ensure you do not waste time.
Step by step, gradually you will reach a stage where you do not detest the taste of the food you have cooked.
Remember, Rome was not built in a day.

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