How Men Wear Silk Scarves?

Learning how to tie a silk scarf for men is a quite easier r than learning women’s scarf tying styles which are more complicated .  Silk scarves are considered as women’s fashion until recent times which resisted men from using it . Women have a million ways to tie a silk scarf and to look beautiful and attractive. Scarves have more recently become an acceptable addition to a man’s outfit , media is responsible for sending the message that men can also use it. Lucky for us, there’s only four ways to tie a silk scarf that look acceptable for men. If you’re one of those guys who likes to incorporate a silk scarf into your outfits, here are the four best styles for tying a silk scarf for men.
Silk scarves are class personified. Adding an elegant ‘tinge’ to the smart casual look, silk scarves on guys ooze expense and scream sartorial ‘know how.’ The trick with selecting the right silk scarf for you? It’s all in the colour. Silk scarves tend to be heavily patterned, there are some plain ones around but my advice is to avoid single colour and go for something decorated. The
reason for this being, the soft texture of silk is already a major clash with most looks, soften the blow by adding a pattern and you’re well on your way to success.
Now see how to tie a knot ,Take your silk scarf and place it on your shoulders so both ends are laying down your torso. Adjust the scarf so one side is slightly longer than the other. Wrap the longer side around the shorter side, just like you would do a tie. Pull the longer end through the loop you created. Tighten and adjust it as you see fit. A simple yet masculine  style. Come to think of it, most masculine styles are.
Your scarf can be used reinforce the look you are going for (smarter knots for a more formal outfit and vice versa) or you could pick your favourite and make it a trademark of your personal style. It is this attention to detail that will help you very subtly stand out from the masses.

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