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Raw nut butter v/s roasted nut butter

The market is full of nut butters. Right from peanut butter to almond butter. But did you know that raw nut butter is healthier and tastier than a roasted nut butter? This does not mean that the roasted ones are not good. They are also good but not as healthy as a raw nut butter. They are just as not as nutritional as the raw ones. Here are few more reasons why you should change to raw nut butter instead of roasted nut butter.
The raw nut butter is very carefully processed. The raw nuts are sometimes soaked and then later sprout as well. This process of soaking and sprouting makes them less acidic in nature. Cooked food and roasted nuts are highly acidic in nature. The acidic part can cause inflammation. It also gets hard on the whole digestion process. Did you know that nuts and seeds contains oils and fats that should not be heated.
Since the raw nut butter is previously soaked in water and is sprouted, they end up good for digestion. Any raw food can enhance enzymes production in the body which helps in the digestion process but the cooked food reduces these enzymes. The raw nuts are usually raw in taste. So they end up being a little sweeter and go with any other food which has a strong taste. A roasted nut has too many ingredients. But a nut butter needs to have less of ingredients. The less ingredients the better is the nut butter. I mean who would eat a handful of almonds with adding salt, sugar and oil. So then why pick a nut butter that has all these extra flavors? A raw nut butter has just some nuts and that is the reason they are less in calories as well.
If you overheat any nut butter it is most likely to give you some extra weight. A raw one will hardly add to the weight meter. The raw ones are health friendly and good for metabolism. They also add to instant energy and get easily digested. Some companies also add some extra salt in their nut butter.
Experts say that any food that has some quantity of sugar, salt and fat are very addictive. They trigger overeating. And most of the roasted nut butters have these components to a great extend, you end up eating them more. While this is so not the case when it comes to raw nut butter.

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