Golden State’s 5 Most Iconic Foods

California, known as the Golden State thanks to its sunny climate, diverse population, ocean access, and agricultural prowess, is home to a wealth of culinary traditions. The state has so many edible wonders to offer that It may be impossible to try every one of it. But we have compiled here a list of must-try dishes to get you started.

Avocado Toast
Avocados – something that Californians are fiercely proud of! Californians have turned this creamy green fruit into an everlasting fad. Aside from the guacamole which is ubiquitous throughout the state, avocado shows up in everything from ice cream to burgers. However, one of the most popular ways to enjoy avocados is mashed atop a toast. Avocado toast can be topped with feta, caviar, and radishes. But keeping it simple can be just as delicious. At Dinette in Echo Park neighborhood, avocado toast is of Texas-toast-size slice of rustic bread topped with a fresh and limey heap of crushed avocado seasoned with parsley, chili flakes, and delicate flecks of salt.

cioppino is one of the most iconic dishes in the waterfront city of San Francisco. This fish stew is made with a collection of Pacific-caught fare, including any mix and match of Dungeness crab, squid, clams, mussels, and white fish, along with a tomato and wine sauce base.

In-N-Out Double-Double
In-N-Out remains a cherished piece of California history dating back to 1948 when the state’s first drive-thru burger stand was opened by Harry Snyder. However, the Double-Double didn’t come around until the ‘60s. But it has become such an institution that it now has its own registered trademark. This hefty burger is made up of a couple of American beef patties, a slice of tomato, two slices of American cheese, crisp lettuce and some Thousand Island-esque dressing called its “spread” on a freshly baked bun. Also, do remember to order for fries.

Fish Tacos
California, the beach city, has easy access to the Pacific’s bounty with the culinary influence of nearby Baja. You can to eat fish tacos for every meal. However, head to Blue Water Seafood Market & Grill if you have the time or room for only one stop. You can choose from seasonal catches like red snapper, jumbo scallops, and fresh & soft-shell crab to fill a massive, tasty fish taco.

Garlic Ice Cream
about 90 percent of the country’s garlic is grown in California. At the heart of that production is Gilroy. You’ll understand why Gilroy is dubbed the garlic capital of the world, once you drive through it. The town is fragrant with the pungent allium. Gilroy even hosts an annual garlic festival every summer to showcase its star crop. Garlic usually falls into the savory foods category, but not in Gilroy. Garlic gets its time to shine in dessert form as ice cream. You can try the regional delicacy at Garlic City Cafe.

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