Which Vegan Cooking Technique Is Best For You?

So little time; so many ways of cooking. We’ll break it down so you can choose the one that fits your lifestyle, cooking skills, and budget.

If you ever feel confused about which cooking technique suits you the best, we totally get you! I mean, there’s steaming, sautéing, pressure cooking, slow cooking, and more!

While you can own every kitchen tool there exists, you don’t necessarily have to. Instead, we can help you decide on the foods you want to cook and the best ways to cook them. You can then pick and choose to find the tools that work best for you.

So let’s talk about each technique individually so you know which foods work best using that technique, when to use it and why.

Food Steaming
Steaming is perhaps the most popular way of cooking vegan food. If you have a countertop steamer you can do so much more with it.
You can cook organic corn on the cob and grains like brown rice. You can steam veggies and also make lentils and other small legumes in a steamer.

It can be so much easier to pull out a pan and get cooking. It’s a quick and flavorful way to cook vegetables. All you need is a little veggie broth (no oil required). The veggies soak up the flavor of the broth as they become tender. You can use water or oil, but I prefer to cook with broth.
Veggies actually cook a little faster sautéed with a lid on the pan than in a steamer. “Frying” is also included in this category, especially frying soy foods like tofu and tempeh. You can sauté the more delicate grains, such as quinoa and buckwheat.

Pressure Cooking
Pressure cooking is an important technique for Vegans to learn. Because, you can make beans, one of the most important sources of protein in a vegan diet, in mere minutes.
You might think pressure cooking looks so confusing and scary. However, it is easier than you think! The instructions are pretty straight-forward. The best part is that you don’t have to sit and watch so it’s less hands-on.

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