3 Must-Know Interior Designing Principles

Interior design has “no rules”, but everyone can use a few tips and tricks. If you do interior design well, then you can do anything in your space. To design that perfect home, be sure to follow these eight underlying principles.

Create a vision
Once the designers have an idea of how the space should function, they mix those requirements with the client’s desired aesthetic and atmosphere, creating a concept for the space.
Designers can take a global approach versus just picking a paint color or a sofa. It is all about creating a vision. There is a timelessness and longevity to the interior when one can implement that well thought out vision.
Communicating the concept is like storytelling. One has to be able to tell a story about how the interior is going to come together with all the different elements.

Plan for real life
“Space planning is first” in the interior design process. As per the American Institute of Architects, space planning includes defining circulation patterns, blocking out interior spatial areas, and developing plans for furniture layout and equipment placement.
Begin by assessing a room’s functional deficiencies and how the elements can be manipulated to better fit the people who live there. Interior designers must be really thoughtful about how people use their spaces. One often needs to ask: What do people need in their space and how do they move through their lives every day?

Juxtapose contrasting elements
When a designer combines different shapes, materials, textures, and patterns, the differences between them can enhance their innate properties. Some clients will say, “I want this lamp, fabric, and chair. But all those items will all have the same visual value.”
Juxtaposition is needed so that the difference can be appreciated. For instance, it may all be geometrics because the client is drawn to geometry, but one can’t have all squares in one’s house. Throwing in a circle makes one appreciate the square so much more and creates a better flow.

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