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What are the benefits of honey?

What can be sweeter and healthier than a spoonful of honey? I guess another spoonful of honey. Honey is not only yum but then it has some really nutritive value. It not only helps you in slimming down, but also adds a glow to your skin. It is also one of the best remedies for hangover. But here is a list of all the benefits that one could get from honey.
Because of the daily hustle bustle, our energy meter drops down to zero. Then have a spoonful of honey boost your engine. Honey is known to increase the energy level. All you have to do is add some honey in your diet and ensure that level of coffee consumption is reduced considerably. Plain honey will also do the trick. It is the most natural way of boosting energy. You can also spread some honey on toast or a spoonful in tea or lemonade or water. It is also advisable to consume honey right before exercise.
The ancient remedy for a sore throat is honey with a little ginger. Not only it tastes good but then it also clears your throat. It will easy your throat pain and sooth it. Honey is an antioxidant, a powerful one. And if consumed with some lemon, then a super powerful. People who tend to work with a large crowd where there is a chance of too much germs in and around, such people should consume tea with lemon juice and honey everyday. And if you are suffering from some cold and flu, have a lemon and honey tea.
Everyone knows that honey is the best treatment for shedding extra kilos. All you need is some warm water with lemon juice and a spoonful of honey. And ensure to drink it in the morning. Just as honey is good it could be bad as well if consumed in excessive quantity. Sometimes after all day’s hard work it is yet impossible to fall asleep. But here again honey may help you. A spoonful of honey in warm milk will do the trick. Honey is known to make your muscles relaxed and calm. Many a times so scars and scrapes takes time to heal. If you want the healing to start fast, just apply some honey to the scar or scrape and let it sit for a while. Honey possess antibacterial properties. Therefore it reduces the pain as well as the swelling.

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