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Lose weight by walking

We all want to lose weight. Weight loss is a new fad happening around and we are revolving around it. Some want to lose weight just to look fit while there are people who will want to lose weight to get the zero size figure. Whatever the reasons, you end up spending tons of money on gym. But what if you know of a free way of losing weight? Walking! Walking is the ancient remedy for weight loss. Walk a little at the right pace and you can easily shed few pounds. Here are few tips to lose weight by walking.
When you start walking you need to take short breaks. In between try doing at least 15 push-ups, 40 squats and 40 jumping jacks. Adding these hyper active exercise in between the walking will help in burning some extra calories. Do this for a month and you will see that you are shedding some good pounds. This way is much more effective than just plain walking. Walking does not mean that you walk like you are out for an evening stroll, rather you need to walk at a specific pace. The speed at which you will walk will be holding the future of your weight loss. Walking for a distant can help you, but then for better results you need to walk at a faster speed. Walking faster helps in burning more calories. Try walking at a speed for 45 minutes for five days in week for a month.
Speed at times can have a break time, especially when your mind is tired or you are going through some physical exertion. At such time just go for a long walk instead of following the speed. A simple long walk will help you burn calories and will act as a therapy. Walking also helps in fighting stress and gives you time to reflect on things as well as improve your mood. Many a time because of busy schedule we cannot take calls. So what you can do is simply take or make calls when you are walking. This way you will also not get bored of walking and you can stay in touch with people around.
You need to make sure that you take a long walk at least once a week. You can try walking for miles on weekends or on you off days. Long walks will make you strong and keep you fit. And just in case if you get bored of walking alone, grab a friend, partner or family member. You will also get to get along with their lives and walk.

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