How to wear make up for Career or Everyday Look?

Every woman wants her makeup to look its best, no matter what the occasion. There several popular styles that can be personalized to your own tastes: elegant and sophisticated, a natural style you would wear for work or everyday, or something more dramatic. Different techniques for applying eye shadow, eyeliners, blush and lip color make subtle differences that work with the occasion, whether you’re a bride on her wedding day, heading out for an evening at the opera or dancing in a nightclub.

  1. Apply makeup with a light hand, and make sure your foundation is a shade that disappears on your skin.
  2. Aim for a natural look that enhances your best features. You want to appear as if you do not have any makeup on yet better than you would look without any.
  3. Use cheek color sparingly, and choose a lip color that is only slightly darker than your natural lip color.
  4. Apply a neutral color eye shadow or one with just a hint of color that coordinates with your outfit.
  5. Use eyeliner in a shade that matches your eyelashes and apply lightly for a natural look.
  6. Use a little bit of make-up. Have a tube of lip gloss, and some concealer in your backpack or purse. Put either a pink or tan blush on your cheeks and nose. Put a tiny bit of mascara on your eyelashes, top and bottom (only top makes the eyes appear smaller), but not too much. If you want to, use a little bit of eyeliner; make it heavier for maybe a punk, emo, or Gothic look. Make a fine line if you want to look conservative.
  7. Remember, people with asthma can have very bad reactions to colognes, perfumes and some deodorants. Be careful who you spray them around and don’t drown yourself in them.
  8. Just be yourself! It doesn’t matter if you are skinny or big, tall or small you have to be yourself to make an impression on people. Remember, first impressions last!
  9. Individuality is important – but do not go too overboard, two or three bold items are plenty.
  10. Make sure you always follow the dress code!

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