How to Teach About the Political Party System Formation to kids?

The political party that you align with typically shares most of your economic and social beliefs and values. A political party needs the support of the people to have the power and influence necessary to initiate change. Learn the different ways you can support a political party.

  1. Affiliate yourself with a political party officially. Register to vote as a supporter of a particular political party and encourage others to vote for candidates in that party. Display signage in your yard or on your vehicle to let your support show to the public.
  2. Volunteer with the political party of your choice at the local, state or national level. Help to register people to vote, educate yourself about the candidates in your political party and share that information with others and attend local rallies to encourage support for your party. Contact the political party headquarters in your town or county to get involved in campaigns and other party objectives throughout the year.
  3. Contact elected officials in your political party to show support for initiatives and pieces of legislature your representative supports.
  4. Support candidates in your chosen political party financially. Make a monetary donation to your political party to support initiatives and campaigns at the local, state and national level.
  5. Vote in elections to support your political party. Whether it’s a city election or an election with national ramifications, your vote is the best way to show support for your political party. Encourage others to vote to witness democracy in action and set a good example for future generations of voters.

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