How to Avoid Office Politics?

If you could only just go to work without the headache of co-workers! They spend the whole day backstabbing, sucking up and trying to get all the credit for the efforts of everyone else. It’s amazing they can’t just do their job without all the drama. There must be a way to do your job and overcome office politics.

  1. There probably has been a time when you must have felt fed up with the office politics and said, “I’ll just stay away from it all and do my job”. Though it may seem like an easy solution, isolation is never a good idea in the office environment. Instead, by being alone, you will be setting yourself up to be the one talked about and blamed for trivial things.
  2. Listening to gossip won’t do you much harm unless you start dishing out dirt and become a part of the story yourself. If you have issues with one of your co-workers, others don’t need to know about it. So don’t get sucked in and contribute to the trash talk; instead, quietly pull yourself away by saying as little as possible. Also, pick and choose what your really want to listen to, for irrelevant and false information might prejudice your attitude towards a co-worker and compromise your professional relationship with them.
  3. It is a known fact that some of the most annoying people at work are the ones who complain about the most trivial things. If an important project has been passed over you, instead of crying hoarse over it, find out why you were not entrusted with the job. If you’re not happy with something, you don’t need the whole town to know it. Quietly solve the problem.
  4. Know office politics are natural. They’re just an element of human nature and we can’t totally avoid office politics because they are ubiquitous in any organization, but not all political action is for evil. We object to unfair results and situations which hurt others, so it’s important to understand what is causing us discomfort. Make sure you aren’t using “office politics” as the excuse to cover up for your own shortcomings.
  5. Join in. But instead of playing the game in a negative way to advance your career at the expense of others, use office politics in a positive way. Avoid doing the underhanded things you dislike and instead, support co-workers in little ways, ask the boss to mentor you and do little things to make the office a better place. Others may see it as sucking up, but odds are the higher-ups will notice you in a good way. You can overcome bad office politics by using it in a good and positive way.

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