How to Prepare to be a Politician?

Politicians come from all walks of life, and most career paths can eventually lead to a change of career to politician. While some people know they want to be a politician all their lives, many end up falling upon the passion and path much later. President Reagan was an actor before becoming president, and many other politicians throughout history come from other vocations. Here is how you can prepare to be a politician yourself!

  1. Evaluate your reasons for becoming a politician. Identify where this desire comes from, and be honest with yourself about what sort of things appeal to you about being in politics. If it is glamor, fortune or fame, you should try another path to that treasure. Rarely do politicians have such massive success that they are granted any of those things. One should become a politician if he has an absolute interest in making a political change.
  2. Pick a political party. One cannot be on both sides of the fence if you are a politician. You have to pick your party. The main parties in the United States are the Democratic and Republican. We also have the Green Party, the Independent Party and numerous other political parties. Learn all you can about each side before choosing the one that you can get behind wholeheartedly. It’s not like sports, where one can merely trade a teammate. Loyalty to your political party is a must.
  3. Try to find a mentor within your party. Going into politics blindly is not a smart idea. Asking a politician you particularly admire for some guidance and mentoring is not a bad idea. Be sincere in your letter, and always tell the truth.
  4. Volunteer for your political party at first. Get to know the ins and outs. Be sure to vocalize your goal of becoming a politician yourself when people ask you about your interests. Never just blurt it out to a superior, though. Overzealous networking can kill a reputation–and career! Be friendly and available, and people will come to you. Make sure to work very hard on every task given to you when volunteering.
  5. Identify which issues you are most passionate about. You need to be touched on a personal level, and your own desire for changes will be a driving force behind your political career. You make a difference when you are driven by passion!
  6. Start small. Think of what job as a politician would be best suited for you. Figure out what is needed to fulfil that job.
  7. Go to school, or apply for a job in the field that will give you the experience needed to fulfill your chosen position in government.
  8. Run for office when you feel secure in all your preparation! Campaign wholeheartedly, knowing you’ve paid your dues.

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