How to Get Involved in Local Politics?

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine one person making a difference in this world. A lot of challenges face our society. Some are huge, some are more manageable, but all require the action of at least one person. Start making the world a better place by being that person on the local level. Get involved in local politics and see the world change before your eyes.

  1. Participate in town meetings. Mingle with local, state and federal politicians. Learn about the issues facing your community. Meet others who support the same causes you do. Voice your opinion and see what offices in politics appeal to you.
  2. Show your support of the political system by voting in every election. More importantly, bring others to the polls with you. Talk about the issues with people and inspire them to let their opinions be heard through their votes.
  3. Help out at a local political office. It doesn’t matter if you are a Republican, Democrat or a member of the Green Party, all political parties need volunteers. Work one on one with them and learn the political process. Network with others involved in local politics. Get in on the ground floor and learn the ropes. Look into volunteering for organizations who promote causes like the environment, health care, campaign finance or immigration reform.
  4. Start your own political organization. Whether it’s a local off-shoot of a nationwide campaign or it’s specific to a cause no one has addressed politically, gets it going. Involve your friends and family. Have rallies, fundraisers, seminars or even a bowling night. The idea is to spread your passion for the cause and get others to join you.
  5. Start a petition on the Internet. Instead of knocking on doors or stopping people at the mall, get people involved with an online petition. Involve yourself in online political blogs. Post your opinions and get others to join in with you.
  6. Put yourself out there and run for local office. Civic offices come up for re-election all the time. Find a position you know you could excel in and start your campaign. Call your local political party and ask if there are offices up for election. Take to the streets and let people know you are the person for the job.

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