How to Develop Characters for Television Sitcoms?

Sitcoms play a very important role in television industry. The major part of revenue in an entertainment channel is offered from the sitcoms. So it is very important to create nice and entertaining characters. It must be characters that connect as well as make you think. So here are some of the tips to be followed for creating exiting characters.

  1. Create remarkably well planned out main characters. A sitcom typically only uses about five or six main characters with occasional reoccurring supporting characters. Small characters drop in as needed, but the main characters need to be very diverse.
  2. Place the characters in a surrounding that is diverse as well. Sitcoms are generally in one or maybe two places for the entire show and everything happens in those places. The characters need to fit the place you choose, such as in ‘How I met your mother’, where the characters started as friends and have progressed into greater relationships in their life.
  3. Recognize that in sitcoms, the characters are always educating and developing as the show continues. As a result, at the beginning of the sitcom, the characters need to be a little naive and then as the show continues, the characters will grow with the audience.
  4. Include a tough, rather out of place character to be among the group. This character will provide stability to the other main characters. There is always one that is almost entirely different from the rest of the group. There always needs to be balance. If you have many characters, you could also have more than one “out there” character to balance the rest.

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