How to Collect TV Sitcoms without Buying DVDs?

Sitcoms are something which people of all age are addicted to. Every individual in this world will be busy watching some or the other sitcoms every day.  But it is difficult for everyone to watch it daily on television. They either miss the show or then later have to purchase expensive DVDs of the same. So today I will provide you with some tips to get hold of these sitcoms free of cost.

  1. When your favorite television show comes on weekly (or daily), record every episode on your DVR player or VCR.
  2. Check your TV Guide for marathon episodes of your favorite shows, and record all of the episodes on your DVR player or VCR.
  3. Search for television episodes on YouTube, and set up a Word document with links to as many as you can find.
  4. Research the parent company of the show or check to see if your favorite sitcom has a website where you can watch episodes.

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