How to choose the right red shade of lipstick?

Choosing the right shade of red lipstick can be a bit of tedious task. Picking that one perfect red lipstick shade for your lips is very difficult and very time consuming. While for some women getting the right shade of red lipstick is easy but some women yet struggle. For all those struggling women out there ragging their brain over which right red shade of lipstick to get here is a quick guide.
Whenever you are planning on getting a red colored shade of lipstick always and always consider your skin color. It is very important that the lipstick should match to your skin color or else it will be a big blunder. So if you have a pale skin, consider for red lipstick with a pink or blue undertone while if you have an olive colored or a darker shade of skin then go with the orange red. When getting a red shade lipstick always look how bright is that particular red. A brighter color will anytime look more bright on a pale skin and will be not so intense after all on a darker skin tone.
So the next time when you head to the mall for some lipstick shopping here is what you should do. Usually all the cosmetic shops keep a spare testing lipstick. Take that and swipe a stroke on your inner wrist. This will give you a fair idea as to how bright it may appear on your lips. After considering your skin tone, time to consider your hair color as well. Yeah wondering what hair color has to do with your red lipstick? Usually you will see blonds wearing bright red matte lipstick while a brunette will wear a deep red. So if you have dark hair but a light skin, go for the wine red.
Just because you love that red lipstick does not mean you should wear it any time or for any occasion. A red lipstick for a friday night dinner party is great but the same color lipstick for an interview, no no! Bright colors are meant for special occasion. And if you are going for a red lipstick you need to control or what they say is tone down on your eye makeup. You should look natural even after wearing makeup and you know too much makeup can be over the top which of course you wouldn’t want. Red is a nice color, quite elegant and classic in a way. It goes with almost anything. But always think of the outfit and the red color lipstick once in the mirror before heading out.

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