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How to Become a Nicer Person

One of the stops along the road to self-improvement is learning how to become a nicer person. Developing patience, emotional strength and kindness for your fellow man are all part of being the best “You” possible. With concentrated effort, you can become a better person than you ever thought possible.
Hold your temper
Life will always throw obstacles your way. Learning to accept them and move on is one of the best ways to take stress away. You can become a nicer person by dealing with stress in an appropriate, adult manner rather than becoming angry at people who have inconvenienced you.
Be empathetic
Nice people put themselves in the other person’s shoes. If the service is a little slow, maybe it’s because the waitress has been standing for 8 hours and her back and feet are sore. Perhaps her toddler isn’t feeling well and she got very little sleep the night before. You never know the full story from a brief encounter with a person. Give others the benefit of the doubt.
Complain reasonably
Service-oriented businesses often live by the credo “The Customer is Always Right.” They’re mistaken. The customer is not always right; sometimes the customer is quite unreasonable. You do not “deserve” a free meal because the waitress forgot to bring ketchup. If you have a grievance, air it, but be reasonable.
Fight fairly
When arguing with another person (especially a family member) stick to the subject. Present the facts succinctly, and don’t bring up unrelated issues that happened 4 weeks from last Tuesday. Listen to the other person’s point of view. It is just as important as yours. You can learn how to be a nicer, better person by settling arguments in a rational way.
Put others first
Let the harried-looking Mom have the parking space. Stand a few extra seconds holding the door for an elderly person. Don’t interrupt people when they’re speaking, or finish their sentences for them. Such small things, yet the effects are immediate and profound. Nice people make a concentrated effort to be kind and put others needs above their own. Stop a moment and think how you can help someone, and you’ll become a nicer person too.

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