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How to Achieve Weight Loss If You Can't Exercise?

From a standpoint of general sciences, weight loss is certainly possible without exercise. Sources from personal trainers to health researchers agree that it’s neither the most effective nor the healthiest way to lose weight. The best weight loss results come from a combination of healthy diet, perfect balanced life style, positive thinking.
Take the notepad and pen and write down your goals. If you have a visual of what you want to achieve, it will help you to stay focused and succeed to lose weight. Also note down the positive points of losing weight. Write down anything else you consider logical in limited time frame. It could also be beneficial to keep a food note what is your intake. Seeing what you put into your mouth can be a big wakeup call and help you reach your weight loss goal.
While you’re at the food market, choose organic green tea. Have a cup of hot tea each morning before you eat in empty stomach. You can also drink it (hot or cold) throughout the day; it is good for your health. Several cups per day are perfectly safe. It will curb your appetite, help melt to away fat make you slim, help your metabolism, and the major good things is it does not have any side effects.
Take breakfast which consists of fruit, a cup of tea, and half a multigrain bagel WITHOUT your usual bread butter. Did that missing butter add up to weight loss?
Take a pill and lose weight without needing to exercise. It sounds like science fiction, but thanks to a newly discovered hormone which is naturally secreted into the blood after a period of exercise; it could become tomorrow’s reality. An international research group has discovered from experiments in mice that following exercise, muscles secrete a hormone called irisin, which causes an increase in the body’s energy conversion .This technology is now in testing level, you must consult your family doctor before using it.

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