Super Bowl 2020: 3 Easy To Make Appetizers

Whether you’re rooting for the Chiefs, the 49ers, or the halftime show and the commercials, food is one of the best parts of Super Bowl LIV (this Sunday at 6 p.m. ET). From the wild and inventive alternates to the classic staples, here’s the list of some Super Bowl snacks recipes to consider for your party.

1. Wings are a staple of football stadiums, bars, restaurants and Super Bowl parties across the country.
It is simple! Just give them what they want with these spicy classic buffalo wings. And don’t forget the ranch. You can also go for baked chicken wings and save on napkins. If you’re ready to get saucy, go for red chimichurri wings. They are chock full of garlic, red peppers, balsamic vinegar, herbs and more. They are sure to give your gathering an extra bit of originality. Plus, red goes with Chiefs fans and 49ers fans.

2. Nachos are another classic stadium food. You can really get creative with it as it is one of the most customizable Super Bowl party options.
These quick and easy nachos topped with BBQ pork are something you can’t go wrong with.
Step it up: Go DIY with a nacho bar filled with the toppings of your choice, like salsa, guac, cheese and more. For anyone ready to show off, this crazy nachos recipe tops already-loaded nachos with chipotle taco meat and homemade guacamole.

3. Dips, particularly buffalo chicken dip, are Big Cat’s preferred alternative to nachos. Do set out the crackers, chips, or maybe just giant spoons. For an extra touch, put everything in a football dip bowl. You can go for creamy homemade queso dip and ditch the jar of cheese sauce.
You can also give your guests something to write home about with bacon cheeseburger dip.

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