How to Pick a Fashionable and Functional Tote Bag for Work

If it seems like you are always taking your work home from the office, then you need a functional tote bag to carry around your files. Fashionable women should keep in mind that a tote bag can be practical and stylish at the same time. The following steps will help you pick the perfect bag to complement any outfit.
Visiting a store
Visit your local department store, discount store or any other store that sells tote bags. It is imperative to browse a large selection of bags before deciding on your final purchase.
Inspect the bag
Inspect the inside and outside of the tote bag for different pockets. The pockets should be a mix of different sizes to accommodate anything from a pen to a make up bag. Keep in mind that the outer pockets should have zippers on them so that your items can always be secure.
Check for padding
Choose a tote bag that has padding on the strap. If you will be carrying a lot of items in the tote bag, the padding can greatly decrease the pressure from excess weight. The strap should also be long enough so that the tote bag can be carried even if you are wearing a heavy coat or bulky layers.
Look for a tote bag that is in a classic color. Choose black or brown because these colors complement room any outfit. Make sure you are purchasing a bag made of quality materials. You may have to splurge on a tote bag, but you will be using the bag almost every day so it will be worth it.
Weigh the tote bag before you buy it. Think about all the items that you will need to put into your tote bag for work and for personal use. If the tote bag already weighs a lot, then imagine how much more it is going to weight when it is full. Try to find a different tote bag that has all of the same options, but does not weigh too much.
When you get home with your newly purchased tote bag, do not remove the tags from the bag. Place all of the items that you will need to bring in your tote bag everyday and see how well they fit. Do you have for other items that you may have to bring home from work occasionally? If the tote bag does not fit all your stuff properly, then return the tote bag to the store and start a new search.

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