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How to Enter Free Drawing & Art Contests?

If you are good at drawing and want to create you name of your own, then competitions are best way to understand your position among other experts in the field. So it is very important to prepare yourself before participating in an event.

  1. Search through online art communities like, and These communities from time to time host contests themselves, and they also have forums or blogs where individuals advertise contests.
  2. Scan the guidelines and look for the phrase “registration fee.” If there is no registration fee requirement listed, this contest likely does not have a fee.
  3. Come to a decision if the prize is worth the time taken to create the artwork. It consumes a lot of practice and hard work, and an artist can always gain advantage from the motivation that art contests provide, even if you do not the contest. Some competitions do not offer a prize at all, but these contests can provide artists with helpful feedback, as visitors can often comment on the artwork.
  4. Select the artwork following the strategy for the art submission. Some art submissions must be done through a selected medium, like acrylic or water paint, while other contests only accept drawings and artwork that focus on a particular topic.
  5. Select how the art is supposed to be submitted. Some contests demad for a hard copy of the artwork, but most free contests ask for a digital file. The file should be in a .jpeg, since this file can be read by most programs. If the artwork is created through traditional means, the art can be scanned or photographed with a digital camera.

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