How to Avoid a Bachelor Party?

Whether you’re a close friend or actually a member of the wedding party, it’s possible to avoid a bachelor party with a bit of creativity and planning. Some guys simply don’t want to participate in a bachelor party. Perhaps they’ve been to one too many bachelor parties, or they really just don’t like the bachelor party scene. Regardless, you can avoid a bachelor party without offending anyone.

  1. Be clear with your best man in advance if you’re the groom. Let him know you don’t want a bachelor party early on to prevent a sticky situation in the first place.
  2. Pitch in on some of the cost in lieu of attending the event. If you are a member of the wedding party but you don’t wish to participate in a bachelor party, offer to help cover some of the costs as a conciliatory effort.
  3. Eat dinner with bachelor party guests before they go out on the town. This will give you the chance to get together with the groom for some conversation and allow you to go home early that evening.
  4. Take the groom out to a happy hour one day during the week and buy the drinks. This way you’ll get to spend time celebrating with the groom but still avoid the bachelor party.
  5. Explain that family obligations prevent you from attending. Most people will understand that family time is important on a Friday or Saturday night after a busy and stressful workweek.
  6. Offer to be the designated driver. Bachelor party guests will appreciate your offer, especially if alcohol is involved. You could tell the other guests to call you when they’re ready for a ride home.

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