How to Plan a 60th Birthday Party?

Celebrate a sixtieth birthday with a party, if you want to make it a memorable occasion. People make the party fun, so try to include friends from the past. Even if they live out of town, they may be eager to make the trip. Imagine a group of college friends reuniting after years apart, or the old tennis or softball team getting together. Now you must think of a theme for your party. Will it be a luau, a dinner party, a pool party or an outdoor barbecue? Look at the interests of the birthday person to get your answer.

  1. Develop a guest list. Think of people from the birthday boy’s past that he would like to include, in addition to local friends and family. A childhood friend, a favorite teacher, a college roommate or a long-lost cousin can add excitement to the birthday experience.
  2. Sit down with a calculator and put together a budget. Do a little research to be sure your cost estimates are realistic.
  3. Send out invitations, and ask guests to send a picture and anecdote pertaining to the birthday girl. Use these items to fashion a sign-in board or scrapbook for a lasting memory.
  4. Think of a theme for the party. The key is to plan a celebration that the birthday boy will like, regardless of your preferences. A luau is an upbeat theme for a sixtieth birthday, and the decorations can be impressive. People who enjoy a more formal style will appreciate a small dinner party, and those who enjoy a more casual lifestyle would like a pool party or backyard barbecue. A trip down memory lane, featuring an era such as the 1960s or 1970s, is also a lot of fun.
  5. Plan the food to match the theme of the party. For a luau, you might serve Hawaiian chicken, while hamburgers and hot dogs are just fine for a barbecue. Add some interesting surprises in the hors d’oeuvres and desserts.
  6. Involve your guests to make the party interactive. The last thing you want is a bunch of sixty-year-olds just sitting around talking. Plan to have music from a DJ or from your own CD collection, and leave room for dancing. Plan a roast, poem or skit depicting a scene from the birthday boy’s life. Create stations for the food and drink, to give movement to your party. Consider several small tables, instead of a single long one.
  7. Allow time for the birthday girl to make a few remarks and thank the guests (and you) for celebrating the momentous occasion and making it special.

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