How to Create Kids’ Birthday Party Invitations?

The first step in planning a child’s birthday party is to create the party invitations. Party invitations are easily made and can be a great activity to do with the birthday child. Creating party invitations for a child’s birthday party involves more than just the actual making of the invitations. It involves designing the invitations and purchasing the materials as well. You can create an invitation both you and the birthday child will be proud of with a little time and patience.

  1.  Decide on a theme for the party. Party themes will vary based on the birthday child’s age and preferences. Party themes for children included “Dinosaurs”, “Princesses” and “Trains”.
  2. Draw a picture of what you would like the invitations to look like. The party’s theme should be the central idea behind the party invitations. For example, if you are having a party with a dinosaur theme, include dinosaur related items on the invitation such as dinosaur eggs and feet.
  3. Write down what materials you will need to design the invitations. You may already have some of the materials at home, so make a separate list of the items that you will need to buy. Remember to buy envelopes and stamps to mail out the invitations.
  4. Buy the materials that you need. Make sure you take into account how many guests will be invited to the party. Purchase extra materials and return what you use if the store has a lenient don’t return policy.
  5. Make one invitation using the picture you drew by adding materials to one of the blank invitations. You may have to make a couple of invitations before the invitations are exactly how you want them designed.
  6. Create the rest of the invitations and write the details of the party on the inside of the invitations.

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