How to Celebrate Friendship Day

Friendship day is dedicated to friends and the role they play in our lives. It is a day to convey and show appreciation and importance to our friends. Celebrate the day with your friends and let them know that you love them. We pay tribute to our friends on this day and show how important they are to us. Friends provide us support when the rest of the world fails to accept and help us. Some tips on how to celebrate friendship day are as follows.
Organize Party
You can invite your friends and organize a party for them. Plan the location in which you want to hold the party. Decide the menu of the party. Celebrate the day with music and dance. You can organize a picnic to some nice spot. You can cook food with your friends. Organize games on this day. Click pictures with camera. This way you will have good memories to remember later on. Tie friendship band on the wrist of your friend. The market is flooded with attractive friendship bands and these will surely appeal to your friends.
You can organize camping with your friends. Outdoor camping is very good for enjoying activities like beach volleyball, surfing and baseball. You can enjoy trekking, basketball and rugby. You can enjoy joyful time with your friends through these activities. Choose sports activities that your friends like.
You can celebrate this day by talking to your friends. Share your deepest thoughts with them and convey how much they mean to you. Listen to them and know about their feelings and thoughts too. It is a good way of knowing what is happening in your friend’s life. This way you will develop a close bond with your friend.
Social Media
You can copy paste a video link of friendship song on your friend’s facebook wall. If you are in twitter, you can tweet a nice message showing how important your friend is. You can also write a note to your friend and appreciate their presence in your life. You can write this note on the paper or email. Write down all things that you would like to tell your friend conveying your love for him or her.
Make an album of the special moments you have spent with your friend. Collect your friend’s pictures and combine them in a photo album. It will be a good memory of the intimate time spent together. You can go through this album later and remember sweet memories for a lifetime. It will help you in remembering your friend when he or she is away from you.
Give Gifts
Giving gift is one of the best ways to celebrate friendship day. Choose a gift that is dear to your friend. It is not necessary that you choose a very expensive gift. A meaningful and loving gift that appeals to your friend is more important than its cost. If you have a picture with your friend, you can frame it and gift it. You can make a journal in which you can write all the beautiful memories you have spent with your friend. You can bake treats that your friend likes. Pack these treats in attractive package and give it to your friend.

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