The most popular game-day snacks and meals in the U.S. for NFL 2019

There will be plenty of games to satisfy your appetite for football when the first Sunday of the 2019 NFL season rolls around.
But what about foods to satisfy your appetite for, you know, nourishment and cravings?

If you haven’t set your Week 1 lineup of snacks and meals, you’re running out of time. However, it is a good thing for you, we’ve got something right here that could help with some ideas.

Grubhub is a delivery service that processes nearly 500,000 daily orders from chain restaurants and locals. It recently mined its data from the last season to find out which foods rose the most in popularity on NFL game days compared to the rest of the year. Their research found that favorites vary greatly depending on the part of the country you’re from. However, America as a whole apparently craves brisket above all else when it comes to chowing down in front of football.

Here is Grubhub’s complete analysis on top game-day foods they deliver nationwide and regionally:

Top game day foods in the U.S.

  • Smoked brisket sandwiches
  • Cheeseburger empanadas
  • Pepper burgers
  • Roasted chicken
  • Buffalo mac and cheese
    • No chicken wings! To be fair, brisket is a respectable alternative. It’s not that we’ve ever seen anyone ever order cheeseburger empanadas. However, they fit the bill for a Sunday snack. Roasted chicken is also a tried and true main dish, so long as it’s not too dried out.

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