Now Google Maps can help you find the best dish on the menu

Google translate and google earth were already one of the most popular features of google maps, and now this new feature is rapidly becoming a very important companion for travelers.

While you taste the food of a new restaurant there might be a risk of your taste buds rejecting it. So it is difficult to find a dish which would suit your taste buds.

The New Feature

With the new Feature of google maps “dish-cover,” you can choose the best dish that is available on the menu. For using this new feature look up a restaurant on google map then scroll down to “Popular Dishes” below.

With a list of the most popular items available you will even get the photos of the dishes. In addition to this, you will also get reviews from regular customers which would help you make your decision.

It’s time to change your habit of first looking up the restaurant on google maps and then checking the reviews on Yelp, dish-cover is your new friend.

Even in new countries google maps would adapt to your language and would translate all the reviews for you.

The next time you visit a restaurant, you have a chance of being a food critic, just click a picture and write a review.

For now, this feature is only available to Android users, but surely it will be launched for iOS too. Till then All the android users can use this cool new feature and eat all the popular dishes around the world.

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