How students can stay organized with apps?

Students staying organized is quite a rare sight. So here are few free apps that will help students to stay organized with their study load. These apps are free or are very affordable as budget is one big issue for students. These apps will make your life easy and will continuously update you on things.
The istudiezpro is said to be one of the best apps for students that will surely keep them organized. This app allows you to keep a track of everything, right from college seminars to dorm parties. You can add when your projects are due or set a study schedule and maintain the contacts of teachers. The interface of this app is said to be very user friendly and it will cost you only 2.99$. Another app is rememberthemilk. This app will keep you on top of things. The job of this app is to make sure that you do not miss on a thing. The best part of this app is that you can sync this app with your email and calendar. You can also prioritize any of tasks and this app will serve those tasks on the top. But this app does need internet connection but then it is free across all the mobile platforms.
Quizlet is another app that will keep you organized. This app is your magic wand. This is an app that will help you study and the best part is that it is free. This app works like a flashcard which will help you in studying in an order. So there you have some organized study going! A dropbox app works on mobile, tablets, laptops and PC. This app provides an instant easy access cloud server so that you can upload all your documents and receive them on any device without the app download. The best part is that you also get 2GB of storage space for free.
Plannerplus is the most expensive app for a student. It will cost you about $8.99. But then it offers you some really cheap and free planners. And you though there is no silver lining. If you want to stay organized, this app is a must. This is the only app which provides you the feature of sub planning which no other app could possibly offer. You can combine all notes, tasks and events at just one place for a quick and better view.

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