How to Install Programs on a Mini Laptop?

Laptops were popular some days back but now the popularity of mini laptops is on its way increasing. So it is extremely important to guide our readers to use and help in installing programs in the mini laptop.

  1. Download programs online to install. If the software that you need is available online, you can install it on your mini laptop if you have an Internet connection. Download software which suits your hardware requirements and then install the same. Just download the program from the Internet and follow the instructions to set up the software on your laptop. These instructions will vary depending on the software.
  2. Decide whether the mini laptop has a CD-ROM drive. Many of these smaller laptops do not have internal CD-ROMs, so installing programs that you own on a CD will be more complicated. In some cases mini laptop has a CD drive, you can use your software installation CDs to install programs the same as a regular computer. Again, just be sure that the software suits your hardware requirements and then install the same
  3. Think about purchasing a portable CD-ROM or CD-ROM and DVD player combination to plug in to your mini laptop if it does not have an internal one. Install any software you have on a CD using the portable drive. An advantage about portable drive is you will be able to use music CDs and watch DVDs on your mini laptop in addition to installing any software in the future.
  4. Using a USB thumb drive to install software if you do not have an internal or portable CD drive. Copy the installation files to your USB drive. Depending on the program, you will probably need a USB drive that is at least 1 GB in size to fit all of the necessary files.
  5. Connecting your computer to another computer is the simplest method of installing programs and applications to your computer. If you have a home network you can share your personal computer’s CD drive on the network, installing software over the network connection.

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